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Well, what a lot of entries we had for our painting competition!

Click on the images to get yourself wallpaper of these talenteds.

And here's the here's the winner.

Whendy Because, aged 11, drew the winning entry showing how she felt about the regimental costume exhibit.
"Challenging, exceptional, totally inappropriate and delightful. Steal a museum attendant's costume to get a ticket. I laughed and laughed. Astonishing brushwork."
Brian Sewell
AGES 7 and under

Galloway French, aged 7 and under, devised this cunning depiction of a Roman gladiator he met in the museum's Victorian Transport wing.
AGE 10

Furby Wednesleydale done this one, which shows what he got up to during his scholl's trip to the museum! Well done! GOAL!
AGES 8 and up

Anthony NcNamnaman made us look at this beautiful picture of his eventful day around the musum.

The winner has been turned into a beautiful muriel in the Museum's entrance hall by students from Framley Community College Art and Textiles Department (who also knitted us some nice tea towels with the staff's faces on - so thanks!)



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