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Many marvellous things have been advanced by the relentless march of time in and around Framley.

Did you know that the picnic was only invented as a result of bacterial cloning research in the Molford Secret Laboratories during a war?

Did I know that the only way to learn from computers is to have a hard drive installed in my bath?

Did he know that? Did she know that? Well, we can all know that if we know that the best place to learn technology is having a picnic in the technological wing of the museum.



…that radio was first heard in Framley when the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth (Version 2.0) was rebroadcast on Zephyr AM on the 13th March 1972.

Here we see Phil and Ruth Archer delivering a calf during a storm in a vintage episode of The Archers – the original actors have been laminated and placed inside a giant radio model, just as they would have been seen by their original listeners a long, long time ago.

Listen to all available radio channels at full volume at the same time when you enter the new non-interactive Earbleed Zone!


Said the bells of St Clement Freud’s before they chopped off his head. So popular was this nursery rhyme/song at the turn of the century that Martin Driscoll patented the Chopping Jeremy (pictured above).

The device became popular at children’s birthday party games for its smooth spring-loaded trigger mechanism.

Up to 20 children could be decapitated during one nursery rhyme if they failed to take the correct safety hat precautions. Sing! Sing!!



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