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The tram ran from Framley Parkfields, up past the corner of Springsteen Terrace and Denegate, along the river as far as the bowling alley and then out to Orley Roundabout and off into the countryside. Here it joined the path of the B108, previously "Bauring Street", the old Roman Road.*

The Second World War hit the tram service hard. Most able-bodied men were now working as soldiers, and the tram was no longer the obvious choice for them to get to work. When many chose to use aeroplanes, tanks or parachutes instead, and incomes from tram tickets dwindled, a series of unpopular fare increases were instituted. This was, as local transport philospher Friedrich Klezmer put it, "The Twilight Of The Trams" (Die Förderwagener-Dämmerung).

* Framley's historic position, somewhere along the old Roman Road, makes it almost unique. With only four hundred other places in the UK able to make such a claim, it's no surprise that last year the Framley Tourist Board office in the Max Wall Centre was forced to open Wednesdays as well as Sunday.

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