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The main tram hall is opened to the public by Mayor William D'Ainty in 1999.

The tram was discontinued in 1949, and the parts sold for scrap. However, in 1993, a team of wheel enthusiasts, under the leadership of the late Walter Jeavons, found the chassis, pollard supports and dunklings from the Framley tram in the batter tray of a fish shop in Bollingley and began the paintsaking work of rebuilding this part of our industrial heritage.

Thanks to the hard work of the Walter Jeavons Tram Foundation, the restoration of the last Framley tram is now almost complete. The reconstructed tram stands a proud 200 feet tall in the Main Hall, and may actually have been a bridge and not a tram at all.

Look out for our display on the history of the Framley Tram, which includes a photograph!

The Museum has made a video which accompanies this part of the Transport exhibit, entitled "Bum Bingo"

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